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After you have made a decision to buy the products of "Russian Amphibians", we conclude a contract with you, which stipulates the method and procedure for payment for the goods. You can pay as 100% of the cost of the aircraft, and with payment by installments: 60% of the cost of the goods - within 5 working days from the date of signing the agreement, then 20% - 30 calendar days after the first advance payment and the remaining 20% not later than 3 working banking days before the transfer of the goods to the buyer and the signing of the acceptance-transfer act.

Please note:

  1. The cost indicated in the signed contract is final and not subject to change.
  2. Goods are not subject to VAT in connection with the application of the simplified taxation system by the seller (Chapter 26.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).
  3. The cost of the goods established in the contract does not include the transportation costs necessary to deliver the equipment to the buyer's location.
  4. In the case of transportation of goods by means of a transport company, the buyer, in addition to the cost of the goods, reimburses the seller the cost of the services of the specified transport company or independently pays the transport company the costs of delivery upon receipt of the goods.
  5. The seller transfers the goods to the transport company only after receipt from the buyer of funds sufficient to pay the cost of the services of the transport company.

About us

We are a group enthusiastic about traveling, fishing and hunting people. One day, sitting on the bank of a mountain river, it was realized that our desires and opportunities, the techniques used by us, did not coincide. No ATVs, no snowmobiles, no boats with conventional and water-jet propulsors, neither prepared jeeps, nor helicopters satisfied our wishes. It was necessary SIMPLY, RELIABLE, ALWAYS! So were born the "Russian Amphibians"

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