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We invite all those who want to get acquainted with our equipment for a test drive, and, as they say, see it in action!

Please observe some rules when participating in the test driver avtolodok:

  1. To specify the place, date and time of the test drive on the phones indicated in the contacts, because the appointed time can be shifted due to weather conditions, technical pads or human factors.
  2. If possible, come to the test drive without young children and animals, as the noise of the motor can scare them. Also, please note that the engine compartment is open and access to an unnoticeable rotating screw is free.
  3. If you are going to take an active part in the test drive and ride on the airplane, then you need to dress a little warmer than predisposes the season, have a hat and glasses.
  4. Clothes should fit tightly to the body: there should be no loose scarves, hats, etc. to avoid sucking them under the screw.
  5. It is forbidden to stand in front of the nose of an airplane while the engine is running, pull it to the shore or move behind the nose handles.
  6. It is forbidden to stand next to the rotating screw.
  7. On a mandatory basis, the passenger of an airliner must wear a life jacket or a float suit.
  8. It is forbidden to get into the aerodrome in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, as well as ill-health.
  9. It is forbidden to sit on the sides, move from place to place during the movement of the airborne, change planes, swing an aerodrome or dive with it.

Remember that airborne is a vehicle of increased danger and, taking part in the test drive, you voluntarily assume the risks associated with unforeseen abnormal situations. You are responsible for yourself and your loved ones!

If you read these rules to the end, then you are ready for a test drive - and we will be happy to welcome you to our events!

About us

We are a group enthusiastic about traveling, fishing and hunting people. One day, sitting on the bank of a mountain river, it was realized that our desires and opportunities, the techniques used by us, did not coincide. No ATVs, no snowmobiles, no boats with conventional and water-jet propulsors, neither prepared jeeps, nor helicopters satisfied our wishes. It was necessary SIMPLY, RELIABLE, ALWAYS! So were born the "Russian Amphibians"

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