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The warranty period for all models is 12 months from the date of signing the act of acceptance-transfer.

We guarantee the elimination of the shortcomings that arose during the acceptance and transfer of equipment, as well as during the warranty period, as soon as possible.

In compliance with all the operating rules specified in the documents transmitted to the buyer, we guarantee the quality and reliability of our equipment.

We are not responsible for any deficiencies caused by the transport of airborne vehicles, their storage or storage, which is incorrect or careless. And also in the case of an independent change by the buyer of the configuration or configuration of the equipment.

Remember: the products "Russian Amphibians" should be used only for their intended purpose and only for the purposes for which the goods of this kind are usually used!

About us

We are a group enthusiastic about traveling, fishing and hunting people. One day, sitting on the bank of a mountain river, it was realized that our desires and opportunities, the techniques used by us, did not coincide. No ATVs, no snowmobiles, no boats with conventional and water-jet propulsors, neither prepared jeeps, nor helicopters satisfied our wishes. It was necessary SIMPLY, RELIABLE, ALWAYS! So were born the "Russian Amphibians"

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